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Recapping the Global Azure 2023 Kathmandu!!

Global Azure 2023 Kathmandu


The Nepal Cloud Professional and Tech Webinar Nepal-organized Global Azure 2023 event in Kathmandu was a significant meeting of cloud lovers and experts. Held at the Cloud Factory Hub on May 13, 2023, showed the most recent developments in Azure technology and gave helpful insights into putting Azure rules into practice, installing microservices, utilizing Azure services, and more.




Magnus Martensson, a well-known Swedish Microsoft MVP and Regional Director for Microsoft, gave an energizing keynote presentation to kick off the event. His perceptive address prepared the audience for the engaging seminars that came next and sparked interest among the attendees.








Jay Raj Misra, representing Tech Webinar Nepal, took the stage next, sharing their valuable experience conducting webinars to foster community engagement. The audience gained valuable insights into the organization’s mission and the pivotal role it plays in empowering the tech community.

Jay Raj Misra talks on Tech Webinar Nepal
Pradeep Kandel talks about Nepal Cloud Professionals
Pradeep Kandel talks about Implementing Azure Policy for Security and Governance









Pradeep Kandel, the President of Nepal Cloud Professional and a Microsoft MVP, delivered an enlightening talk about the organization’s initiatives and shed light on implementing Azure policy for enhanced security and governance. Attendees gained valuable knowledge on leveraging Azure capabilities to fortify their cloud infrastructure.


During a short break, the event hall buzzed with vibrant interactions among the attendees and speakers. Networking opportunities provided a platform for participants to exchange ideas, forge connections, and expand their professional networks.



Samikshya Shah, a skilled Cloud Engineer, captivated the audience with an engaging session on deploying microservices-based applications in Azure Kubernetes Service. Her expertise shed light on the seamless integration of microservices architecture with Azure, empowering businesses with scalable and efficient solutions.





Samikshya Adhikari, the talented Software Engineer, shared her expertise on leveraging Azure Function to achieve loose coupling services. Through an engaging demo and talk, attendees discovered the power of Azure Function and its ability to enable flexible and decoupled cloud solutions.



Pasang Tamang, Engineering Team Lead wrapped up the event with an enlightening presentation and demo on leveraging Azure services in enterprise applications. His insights shed light on how businesses can harness the full potential of Azure to drive innovation and enhance their application ecosystem.




Pradeep Kandel concluded the event by expressing gratitude to all the speakers and emcees, presenting tokens of appreciation as a gesture of gratitude.







The event culminated with a group photo capturing the collective spirit and energy of all the participants.

The speakers, tech professionals, participants, and everyone else who helped make the Global Azure 2023 Kathmandu possible worked extremely hard and dedicatedly to make it a big success. The Microsoft Tech Communities, including MLSA and Microsoft MVPs, as well as the supporting partner Cloud Factory Hub, are all greatly appreciated for their help.